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All new license purchases include a 14-month subscription to our software maintenance plan (SMP), which ensures you have access to expanded technical support, as well as free product updates.

To subscribe to our SMP, you must be using (or purchasing) the latest version of Mountains® software. An active SMP subscription guarantees you access to the latest version of the software.

What’s included in the Mountains® Software Maintenance Plan?

1. Product updates

We are constantly releasing new versions of Mountains® software (NB: from version 8 onwards, a new major version release is scheduled approx. every 24 months). These incorporate new features including those developed following suggestions received from our customers. Ensuring you have an active maintenance plan is the best way to stay up to date with the latest version. For the duration of your maintenance period, you are entitled to any update released.

2. Extended support on metrology, applications and more

The Mountains® Software Maintenance Plan provides customers with the ultimate support solution. Get answers from our team of experts on issues dealing with metrology (parameters, standards, algorithms), support for developers (SDK, plug-ins) and feel free to ask us to directly provide you with a Mountains® document using your data and/or based on your application.

3. E-learning

Learning is important in order to get started with your new software and to continue to use it to its full potential. With an active maintenance plan, you can enjoy access to the Digital Surf Academy (e-learning platform).

Mountains® Software Maintenance Plan Benefits

With Maintenance Plan Without Maintenance Plan
Technical support
Basic technical support
Support on issues related to metrology, development or applications
Personalized support sessions
Product updates
Service packs (within the same x.y version)
Free access to interim and major versions released during maintenance period
Access to the Surface Metrology Guide
Public webinars
Access to the Digital Surf Academy (e-learning platform)

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