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Industry & manufacturing

Mountains® software is trusted by thousands of engineers and manufacturers around the globe to deliver fast and precise profile and surface data analysis. Our software solutions offer a wide range of tools for industrial applications from functional analysis of lubrication zones on motor cylinders to solar cell performance enhancement.

Application areas include:

Aerospace Optics Renewable energy

Materials Science

Assessing intricate structures and their connections at a microscopical level is key for researchers in improving their understanding of materials and designing fast, light and durable components. With Mountains® software, users obtain quick results within an intuitive platform and benefit from a comprehensive workflow that tracks every analysis step.

Discover how researchers are using Mountains® to characterize nanoparticles in mixtures or analyze the performance and properties of atomic-level devices.

Nanomaterials Polymers Superconductors

Life Sciences

Analyzing and understanding nano-sized samples is essential in life sciences. Mountains® offers a broad range of features that help the life science community obtain reliable and high-end analysis.

Performing 3D model generation from your imaging data, accurately measuring any structure, executing particle analysis and manipulating datasets with several layers are only some of the many possibilities available in Mountains® software.

Discover how researchers used 3D image reconstruction to identify cells, how image colorization with Mountains® helped scientists visualize and characterize bacterial biofilms and how others used it to study bioceramic implants. Further applications include:

Biomedical science Drug development Food science


The preservation and restoration of our heritage along with understanding newly made discoveries is of utmost importance. With Mountains® software, scientists analyze and characterize artifacts and other components for a better understanding of our past and the improvement of our future.

Find out how researchers used Mountains® software to figure out how Neolithic objects were manufactured and to study the world’s oldest drawing.

Archeology Art restoration Paleontology


Analyzing evidence such as chemical residue, firearm marks and other small particles is possible with our software solutions.

And many more
Criminalistics Ballistics


Unsure which Mountains® product meets your needs best? We’re happy to advise. Just contact us.