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Mountains® can be used with almost all surface measuring instruments and microscopes. It is compatible with more than 170 file formats covering various data types (profile, surface, image, multilayers, force curve, hyperspectral images, voxel cubes, etc.) Should an instrument format be missing from this list, do not hesitate to contact us as it might be already developed or we can develop it for you (under some conditions).

2D/3D Profilometers (contact and non-contact)

Accretech / TSK Surfcom series
Altimet Altisurf, AltiMap, PaperMap
Ambios XP Series
Ametek See Taylor Hobson
Carl Zeiss Surfcom series
CyberOptics Surfer
Diavite (Asmeto) DH6, DH7, DH8, DiaSoft
Digital Metrology Omnisurf software
Digital Surf Native formats supported by all products designed by Digital Surf.
FRT MicroSpy, MicroProf, MicroGlider
Hommel-Etamic / Hommelwerke Wavespeed, Turbo Profil software, T8000, NanoSwing, HommelMap, XML
KLA-Tencor P-16+, P-Series, Alpha-Step IQ, Alpha-Step 500, Nanopics, Apex
Mahr Perthometer Concept
Micro Photonics Nanovea series
Mitaka Kohki NH series, MitakaMap
Mitutoyo SV-Series, CS-Series
NanoFocus LaserScan, µScan, µSoft
nanoJura NJ-HP series, NJ Optimal, NJ-Portable
Nikon Nexiv VMR
Optimet ConoScan
Precitec CHRocodile
Rodenstock (now Mahr) RM600
Scantron ProScan
Solarius Viking, LaserScan, AutoScan, SolarMap
Somicronic (now Hommel) SurfaScan
Stil Bodygraph, MicroMesure
Taylor Hobson TalySurf CLI, Form TalySurf Series, Ultra software, TalyMap, TalyProfile, TalyScan, Surtronic, TalyStep, Nanostep, PGI Novus
UBM MicroFocus

Confocal, Interference and Focus variation Microscopes

4D Technology
ADE Phase Shift (now KLA-Tencor) MicroXAM
Alicona InfiniteFocus, MeX
Atos Micromap
Bruker Contour, NPFlex
Confovis Confocam
Fogale Nanotech MicroSurf, ZoomSurf
Helicon Focus variation files
Hirox Digital Microscopes
Hyphenated Systems HS series
Keyence Digital Microscopes
KLA-Tencor MicroXAM
Lasertec Optelics series
Leica DCM 3D, DVM
Lyncée-Tec DHM
NanoDrive FLT
NanoFocus µSurf, µSoft
NanoSystem NanoView WLI
Nikon Eclipse C1, Nexiv confocal and VMZ, BW-H
Olympus LEXT
Polytec TMS TopMap series
Sensofar PLµ series
Siemens SIScan MC64 Topographer
Taylor-Hobson TalySurf CCI, TalyMap
Trimos TR Scan, NanoWare
Tropel FlatMaster
Wyko (Bruker) NT series
Zeiss MicroImaging LSM
Zemetrics ZeGage
Zeta Instruments
Zygo NewView series

Scanning Probe Microscopes

Aarhus University
Agilent Technologies (now Keysight) All AFMs, PicoMap
Anfatec Instruments AG
Anasys Instruments NanoIR, AFM, SNOM
APE Research
Bruker See Digital Instruments and Topometrix
Burleigh Instruments Personal SPM, Vista 100, Horizon
CSM Instruments (now Anton Paar) NanoIndenter
Digital Instruments Dimension, NanoScope
Gwyddion GSF Format (simple Fields), GWY format, DUMP format
Hitachi Finetech AFM
Image Metrology BCR-STM format
Keysight Technologies All AFMs
Molecular Imaging (now Keysight) PicoPlus, PicoView, PicoScan
Nanonics MultiView
Nanonis DAT
Nanoscan PPMS-AFM
Nanosurf Nanite, EasyScan, Nanosurf Report
Nanotec Electronica WSxM software
NT-MDT NTegra, Solver
Oxford Instruments
Pacific Nanotechnology Nano-R AFM
Park Systems / PSIA XE series, PS-PTT
Photonics Lattice
Quesant (now Ambios) Q-Scope
SII Nanotechnology Nanopics, SPA-Series
SIS (Surface Imaging Systems) NANOstation, PICOstation
Shimadzu AFM
Veeco See Bruker and Wyko

Scanning Electron Microscopes

Advantest CD-SEM, 4-quadrant
FEI Helios, Titan, Magellan
Hitachi High Technologies SEM, FE-SEM, VP-SEM
JEOL JSM-Series, NeoScope JCM
Medical Research Council, UK MRC
Phenom World Phenom Pro
Point Electronic 3D SEM
Tescan-Orsay Vega, Gaia, Fera, Lyra
Zeiss Evo, Sigma, Merlin

Generic and Additive Manufacturing formats

Generic SPM format (BCR-STM) Data exchange format for SPMs
ISO 5436-2 Softgauge Standard
Universal data file (SDF) SurfStand Universal Format
Generic text file (ASCII, Unicode) Z, X/Y, X/Z, X/Y/Z or W/Z  Note: when opening/importing a text file, a dialog allows you to specify how the data in the file is organized.
Open GPS (X3P) Open GPS XML format (ISO 25178-72)
STL Triangulated surfaces (Stereo Lithography Format)
Note: 3D printing format.
An STL studiable can be imported as a shell or as a surface:
– The STL studiable is imported as a shell, if this feature is available in the product level of your software package.
– Otherwise, the STL studiable is imported as a surface, i.e. as a projected surface of the 3-dimensional object, looked upon along the Z-axis.
OBJ format Open file format for exchanging and printing 3D objects, initially developped by Wevefront Technologies.
Polygon File format Polygon File Format (also called Stanford Triangle Format).
Used to store data from 3D scanners, as a collection of flat polygons.
Format for exchanging and printing 3D objects.

Image formats

Windows Bitmap image When opening/importing an image file, a dialog box allows you to specify the size of the image in X and Y.
The image file can be kept as an image file, or can be converted into a surface. 
EMF image
GIF image (CompuServe)
JPEG image
PNG image
TIFF image
WMF image
TIFF surface Image file containing height information

Other Instruments and formats

3D Shape µKorad 3D
GFM Messtechnik / LMI
Insidix TDM
OG Technology
Visuol Technologies / Techlab Ondulo


Attolight Cathodoluminescence hypercubes
Anasys Instruments NanoIR
Bruker Spectra and hypercubes
CS Instruments
Delmic HDF5 hypercubes
Edax SPD hypercubes
Gatan Digital Micrograph
Harris Geospatial ENVI software
Horiba LabSpec 6 software
IGOR Wavemetrix IBW
NT-MDT Raman hypercubes
Oxford Instruments (Witec) H5OIWT
Photon Etc
Photothermal (CytoSpec) ASCII file, for mIRage
SPC Galactic spectra and hypercubes
Specs 3DS hypercubes
Thermo Fisher
Tokyo Instruments

The above list of instruments and file formats only means compatibility with respect to reading data files. The presence of the name of a manufacturer in the list does not necessarily imply the existence of a partnership agreement with Digital Surf.