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LABMEM facility scientists at the Universidad Nacional de San Luis (Argentina) investigated properties of an inorganic compound for use as a solid electrolyte on a high temperature fuel cell (SOFC type).

Using a Zeiss LEO 1450VP Scanning Electron Microscope, they obtained images of the compound. Belonging to a family of materials known as perovskites, its chemical formula is Sr11 Mo4 O23.

In order to highlight features present on the compound’s surface, they used the Colorization study available in 3DSM Metrology software. In just a few minutes a colorized image was obtained.

Images courtesy of C. Lopez & C. Miranda, Universidad Nacional de San Luis


Mountains® tools used

  • Colorization study

Colorizing this Scanning Electron Microscope image helped visualization and interpretation of the information it contains. Colorization was obtained using Mountains® easy-to-use click and color tool.


Instrument & software used

Zeiss scanning electron microscope (SEM) + 3DSM Metrology software based on Mountains® technology