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The ISO 13565 series of standards are specially aimed at characterizing stratified surface texture produced by a two-step manufacturing process such as honing-polishing machining.

An automotive manufacturer used Mountains® to study parameters associated with wear and lubrication.

Mountains® tools used

  • Filter measured profile

The “Filtered profiles” study was used to display the roughness curve (the raw and waviness profiles can be shown as well).

  • Rk parameters

The “Rk parameters” study was used to visualize the way ISO 13565-2 (or DIN 4776) parameters (also called functional parameters or Bearing Ratio parameters) are calculated from the Abbott curve.

The graphical study shows the Abbott-Firestone curve and the following parameters:

Rk Kernel roughness (roughness depth of the core)
Rpk Reduced peak height (roughness depth of the peaks)
Rvk Reduced valley depth (roughness of the valleys)
MR1 Upper material ratio
MR2 Lower material ratio
A1 Upper area (area of the upper triangle equivalent to the peaks)
A2 Lower area (area of lower triangle equivalent to the holes)


Instrument & software used

2D profilometer + MountainsMap® Profile software