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Webinar: What’s coming in Mountains® 9?

April 19, 2021

In this webinar, François will give you a sneak peek into the new and exciting features coming in version 9 of the Mountains® software platform for surface and image analysis.

This new major version will be released early June 2021 and will contain new features for users of 2D (profile) and 3D (areal) profilometry, scanning electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopic techniques.

We’ll look at:

  • the new extended range including:
    • MountainsSpectral® for Correlative Analysis and Spectral Analysis
    • 3 brand new optional modules: “Shell Topography”, “Chemical cubes” and “IV Spectroscopy”
  • the new data types supported in version 9:
    • point clouds, multichannel cubes and more
  • new features for profilometry users including:
    • surface texture analysis on shell studiables
    • graphical study on 2D (profile) volume parameters
    • Abbott curve improvements
  • new features for SEM users including:
    • dedicated image segmentation for particle analysis in SEM
    • FIB-SEM tomography
    • EDS/EDX map overlays
  • new features for SPM users including:
    • improved structure exclusion for flattening
    • simplified access to and use of histograms
  • the coming-of-age of the multi-instrument solution MountainsLab® which allows users to bring together practically any type of data from profilometers and microscopes in the same place in order to perform straightforward and meaningful analysis.


This webinar is available on demand and you can watch it by clicking on the link below.


Speaker: François Petiteau, Digital Surf

Duration: 60 minutes approx.


By signing up to this webinar, you will also be notified as soon as the Mountains® 9 Free Trial is available for download (early June).