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The Mountains® 9 release: what’s coming?

April 15, 2021

With version 9, to be released in June 2021, comes a whole new branch of Mountains® software, MountainsSpectral®, as well as several new optional modules and many exciting new features.

Users of 2D and 3D profilometry, scanning electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy will discover a wealth of new capabilities for their image and surface data analysis.


Above. The new Mountains® 9 platform will be available early June 2021.

Extended range

Since MountainsMap® was first introduced in 1997, the analysis software has become the industry standard for surface analysis. In 2013, MountainsSEM® took Scanning Electron Microscope image analysis to a new level with features for colorization and 3D reconstruction. MountainsSPIP® launched in 2018 following the merge of Digital Surf’s Mountains® platform and Image Metrology’s SPIP™, was fast adopted by professionals working with Atomic Force Microscopes and other Scanning Probe Microscopes.

Now, with version 9 comes MountainsSpectral® completing the product range and providing tools for Correlative Analysis and Spectral Analysis.

The multi-instrument solution MountainsLab® now comes of age, allowing data from practically any surface measuring instrument (profiler or microscope) to be analyzed with the same software, ensuring meaningful results and added value for users.

Several new modules make their debut in the version 9 release:

  • Shell Topography: bringing surface texture analysis to freeform surfaces (shells)
  • Chemical cubes: for the visualization & analysis of multichannel cubes of compositional data
  • IV Spectroscopy: for datacube analysis including 3D visualization of datacube and individual I(v) curve analysis

More data types supported

Among new data types that can be loaded using Mountains® 9:

  • point cloud data, allowing users to visualize and analyze data from 3D scanners etc.
  • multichannel cubes: for studying the composition of materials in full 3D

New features for all users

Usability and productivity are at the heart of the Mountains® software platform. That’s why version 9 aims to make life even easier for users.
As well as a new-look interface and modernized Analysis Workflow (see image left), improvements to all product levels include

  • an Image comparison slider enabling quick comparison of different layers/images in the same dataset
  • a Result calculator for calculating results directly in the Mountains® interface
  • cross-product availability of Statistics tools for handling large quantities of measurement data.

Above. Calculate surface parameters on shells (freeform surfaces)

MountainsMap®: still at the cutting edge of new industry practices

Thanks to Digital Surf’s strong links with research on surface metrology and standardization bodies, Mountains® 9 continues to deliver innovative new tools for profilometry users.
In the new release, users can perform surface texture analysis on shell studiables (freeform surfaces) including the comparison to reference forms and the calculation of parameters.

Other improvements include volume parameters on 2D profiles and a vastly improved Abbott curve study.

Mountains® 9: the ultimate toolbox for microscopy & microanalysis

With the arrival of the MountainsSpectral® product family, version 9 opens a new range of possibilities for microscopy and spectroscopy data analysis, in particular for correlative analysis.

Multichannel cubes of compositional data can now be loaded thus allowing users to associate tomography and chemical analysis.

Data from different sources (SEM, AFM, EDS/EDX etc.) can be brought together to form single multi-layer datasets. A new color mixing tool allows users to choose which layers of data they wish to bring to the fore.

Scanning electron microscope users can now generate spectacular 3D renderings associating EDS/EDX maps or other spectral/compositional data with SEM images or reconstructed topography when available.

Above. 3D rendering associating EDS map + SEM image

Join us for a sneak peak

With the cancellation of in-person events preventing us from widely exhibiting this upcoming version release, we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive demonstration of new Mountains® 9 capabilities in webinar format.
Now available on-demand here.

How to update to Mountains® 9 (available June 2021)

Access to this latest release is included in the Mountains® Software Maintenance Plan (SMP). Please visit our software updates page.

To find out more about SMP options, please contact