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MountainsSPIP® webinar: Transition for an AFM user

November 18, 2020

This webinar is aimed at AFM users starting to work with MountainsSPIP® software for AFM image analysis.

In particular, it is designed to help those currently using SPIP™ software from Image Metrology make the transition to MountainsSPIP® before the end of SPIP™ technical support and maintenance (Dec 2020).

The webinar will demonstrate basic image analysis for AFM users.

The following topics will be addressed:
• MountainsSPIP® terminology: studiables, operators, studies and documents
• Interactive workflow
• Importing data
• Histograms
• Flattening/planefitting
• Cross-sectional analysis
• Creating 3D images of your data

Duration: 50 minutes approx.

Speaker: Dalia Yablon, SurfaceChar LLC

Dalia has over 20 years’ experience in applying surface characterization tools to solve real-world problems across many industries including biotech, chemicals, pharma, semiconductor, food, magnetic storage media, and personal care. Her specialties include nanomechanical characterization, scanning probe microscopy, nanoindentation.

This webinar is available on demand and you can watch it by clicking on the link below.