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Better than ever: the Mountains® 8.2 release

November 16, 2020

The latest Mountains® software release (available Dec 2020) contains a huge benefit: most users now have access to a range of powerful tools for conducting statistical analysis, including all the latest improvements.
In addition, further developments have been made to bridge the gap with former SPIP™ software for SPM image analysis, making life easier for users familiar with this platform. Improved particle analysis, extra learning resources and color visualization of more types of data (including freeform surfaces) complete this new version.

Accelerate analysis with built-in statistics tools

No need to export results to other programs for statistical analysis!
In modern industrial and research processes, large quantities of measurement data are generated. From version 8.2 onwards, most Mountains® users can access powerful statistical tools to help them handle this ever-growing quantity of data and perform meaningful analysis.
We’ve also added some cool new features for aggregating series of results in one document.

Statistical analysis with Mountains software

Above. Tools for processing large collections of data and creating comprehensive statistical documents have been made available to most users.

SPM users: these ones are for you!

The past few releases since 8.0 have each seen additional improvements to tools used by those analyzing data from scanning probe microscopy. 8.2 is no exception as we continue to integrate and improve features from SPIP™ software from Image Metrology.

For customers currently making the switch from SPIP™ software following the announcement of the end of technical support and maintenance by the end of 2020, access to essential tools for AFM image analysis has been made quicker and easier.

For those analyzing force curves, the “Correct baseline” tool has been redeveloped to better suit users’ needs. Interactive learning tools (“templates”) have also been updated.
Other enhancements include: direct access to operators and studies when working with a multilayer dataset and better control of axis settings.

Force curve analysis with Mountains software

Above. Series of force curves in a study on adhesion properties (baseline corrected with updated Mountains® 8.2 tool).

Easier color palette edition

On any data with a color palette, a cursor has been added allowing you to quickly check the uniformity of planes, dispersion of the heights etc.

Stay at the cutting-edge of metrology standards

8.1 saw the introduction of ISO 21920 profile parameters, before their official publication. In 8.2, users gain access to parameters relative to the revised version of ISO 25178-2, due to be made official in 2021.
In particular, the configuration of Feature parameters has been updated to take into account the upcoming changes, including threshold definition for open/closed motifs.
A new segmentation method for R&W motifs (calculation of upper envelope) is also available.

Open and closed motifs in revised ISO 25178

Above left. All dales are connected (threshold is higher than lowest saddle point). Above right. With a lower threshold, A and B are connected (open) but C and D are isolated (closed).

Particle analysis just keeps getting better

Particle analysis tools are amongst some of the most popular with Mountains® users. That’s why it’s important to us to keep making them even better and easier to use.
8.2 sees the introduction of new options for sorting and masking particles, including the ability to ignore hidden and non-classified particles in tables and statistical representations.

Color my Mountains®

Color, as well as making images more aesthetically pleasing, can really help speed up comprehension and interpretation of surface data.
In 8.2, shell (freeform) studiables can now be loaded and displayed using the colors contained in the file itself. Various 3D file formats are supported including the widely used PLY format.
The ability to attribute different colors to Multi-layer profiles also brings an extra level of visualization to users working with this type of data.

3D view of freeform shell data in Mountains software

Above. Shell datasets containing color information can now be displayed.

Learn Mountains®… with Mountains®

Whether you’re starting to work with Mountains® or whether you’re a seasoned user, head over to the Help tab and click on “Home” to access interactive learning materials and get up to speed with the latest tools. 8.2 brings new ready-to-use “templates” for users of SPM (for force curves) and Hyperspectral Imaging techniques.

How to update to Mountains® 8.2 (available Dec 2020)

Access to this latest release is included in the Mountains® Software Maintenance Plan (SMP). Please visit our Software updates page
To find out more about SMP options, please contact or visit this page.