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On May 13, 2022 we made some changes to the way Mountains® licenses work.

The following features are now available for users equipped with Mountains® software USB protection keys (physical “dongles”):

  • Access via Remote Desktop Connection
  • Several network protection keys can be used on the same network
  • The procedure for installing a network license has been simplified (see the procedure)
  • Protection keys are now compatible with all versions from 8.1 onwards


  • In the case of an update, HASP4 protection keys (supplied until 2013), HASP HL protection keys (supplied until 2015) and KGTZO protection keys (supplied until 2019) are no longer compatible and must be exchanged
  • Version 7 (and older versions) will no longer be available following a license update (this applies to all types of licenses: permanent, limited or demonstration)