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Mountains® licenses may be perpetual or subscribed to for a limited period. All updates and expanded technical support are provided for the 12 months following the purchase.

Perpetual licenses

This is the way we deliver most of our licenses. The following options are available:

  • Single-user (stand-alone) license:
    • Software-based license: An activation code is provided. This code will generate the license on the computer on which it is used. The license can be used on one computer only and may not be moved and used over a network.
    • Hardware-based license (USB dongle): you can install Mountains® on several computers, however the product can only run on one computer at a time (the USB protection key must be plugged in). This version of the software may not be accessed or used over a network.
  • Floating network license: you can install the software on as many machines on your network as needed. Mountains® can run on local computers, with the network used for license authentication.

With a network dongle, you can use Mountains®-based software on several computers on a Network

Mountains® software installation files can be downloaded from the Software updates page. In most cases, licenses are secured via a USB protection key (dongle) which will be delivered to your shipping address. Software-based protection keys (delivered via email) are also available in certain cases.

For full licensing terms, please see the Mountains® end user license agreement (EULA).

Rental license

In certain cases, it may make sense to rent Mountains® rather than buy it. Perhaps you only need the software for a time-limited project (thesis, funded project etc.) or maybe you want to test it out for a while before making the decision to buy. In this case, renting may be a good option. Here’s how it works.

  • A fixed-term, single-user license can be ordered (rental period must be a multiple of 3 months).
  • The software is downloaded from the Digital Surf web site and activated via USB protection key (sent to your shipping address) or an activation code (sent to you by email).
  • Users benefit from the advantages of the Mountains® software maintenance plan for the duration of their rental period.
  • You may extend the rental period when it comes to an end.
  • 30% of the rental fee is converted into a discount on the price of the license if you decide to purchase it within 12 months following the end of the rental period (limited to 50% of the license price).


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