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Experience the power of data confluence. Ideal for laboratories working with multiple microscopes and profilometers, including 2D or areal 3D contact or optical profilometers, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFM, STM etc.) and spectroscopic techniques. MountainsLab® software allows you to compile, process and compare data generated with any type of surface measuring and imaging instrument, all in one platform.

MountainsLab® Expert
MountainsLab® Premium


Surface metrology and analysis software for profilometers (2D contact or optical profilometers, 3D areal optical or contact stylus profilometers, confocal microscopes, focus variation microscopes, white-light interferometers and light microscopes).

Visualize and analyze profile and surface data and perform a multitude of studies including surface roughness using an advanced set of professional tools.

MountainsMap® Profile
MountainsMap® Topography
MountainsMap® Imaging Topography
MountainsMap® Expert
MountainsMap® Premium


MountainsSEM® is a visualization and image analysis software designed specifically for scanning electron microscopes (SEM). MountainsSEM® is compatible with any brand or model of SEM.

Perform 3D reconstruction, semi-automatic image colorization, advanced 2D particle analysis and much more all in an intuitive interface.

MountainsSEM® Color
MountainsSEM® Expert
MountainsSEM® Premium


Image processing and analysis software for scanning probe microscopes (SPM) including atomic force microscopes (AFM). Includes tools for particle analysis, colocalization (correlative analysis), force spectroscopy and powerful statistical tools. Includes tools previously contained in SPIP™ image analysis software.

MountainsSPIP® Starter
MountainsSPIP® Expert
MountainsSPIP® Premium


MountainsSpectral® is a comprehensive solution for image and data processing for use with spectroscopic techniques including Raman, TERS, FT-IR, nanoIR, fluorescence, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence, EDX/EDS and XRF.

MountainsSpectral® Analyze
MountainsSpectral® Correlate
MountainsSpectral® Expert
MountainsSpectral® Premium


MountainsImage® is a comprehensive image analysis solution for processing B&W and color images obtained using light microscopy and other imaging systems.

MountainsImage® Starter
MountainsImage® Expert
MountainsImage® Premium