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The benefits of becoming a partner

Today, over 50 instrument manufacturers trust the power and precision of Mountains® and deliver the software with their instruments

As partners providing solutions “Powered by Mountains®”, they benefit from:

  • Digital Surf’s 30-year+ experience in the fields of surface metrology and microscopy: they build on our expertise and knowledge to understand and access new markets and ensure their customers’ success.
  • The competitive advantage of demonstrating their affiliation with Mountains®, which is widely recognized as the industry-standard software for surface metrology and image analysis.
  • Partner-only training and other resources: made-to-measure learning seminars for sales and application teams, access to advanced documentation and technical support etc.
  • Marketing resources to help them best address their customers.

How does it work?

The type of partnership offered depends on the nature of the partner company.

  • Mountains® Integrators are companies of varying sizes that manufacture surface measuring instruments, profilers or microscopes. Integrators usually sell their products internationally through a network of independent distributors and/or subsidiaries.
  • Integrators provide Mountains® with their instruments as dedicated analysis packages under their own brand name or under the Mountains® brand names.
  • The level of integration of Mountains® into their own solutions varies (see below).
  • Application-oriented algorithms or analyses can be provided by the integrator as plugins or SmartFlows (ex. Minidocs), while preserving their own IP.

What are the options for software integration?

We offer different levels of integration of Mountains® into our partners’ solutions.

  • Manual integration: Mountains® is used as a stand-alone application. Data is acquired with separate software and loaded manually into Mountains® via a hard drive or network. No development is required.

  • Scripted integration: a command file generated by the acquisition software, allows Mountains® to automatically process data measured by the acquisition software. This requires some development by the partner.

  • Seamless integration: Mountains® is fully integrated into the acquisition software as a COM component, allowing fast in-memory data transfer from one to the other, and fine access to features through COM interfaces. This solution is the most integrated and the most powerful. It requires some co-development (support is provided by the Digital Surf technical team).