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Webinar – Force Curve Analysis with MountainsSPIP®

October 6, 2022

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate some of the features available in MountainsSPIP® software for force curve analysis.

The webinar is aimed at current users of the software, anyone trying out the software and, more widely, at anyone working with force curve or force volume data obtained using SPM techniques. Former users of Image Metrology’s SPIPTM software are also invited to attend as we will be demonstrating some of the tools formerly included in SPIPTM and now integrated into MountainsSPIP® [NB. Image Metrology and SPIPTM software were taken over by Digital Surf in 2014].

What you’ll see in this webinar:

Mastering the basics with single force curves

  • Visualization
  • Offset, baseline correction
  • Fitting to models to extract parameters 

Analysis of a force map/force volume dataset to determine best fit models (JKR, DMT)

  • Visualization/manipulation of multiple force curves
  • Sorting force curves
  • Fitting of multiple force curves
  • Creation of parameter maps – modulus and R²
  • Analysis of parameter maps
  • Sorting by a parameter and creating new parameter maps

At the end of the webinar, a live question and answer session will take place with Mathieu & Dalia (questions can be sent via the chat during the webinar).

Webinar host: Mathieu Cognard, product manager for SPM applications, Digital Surf

Dalia Yablon, founder of SurfaceChar LLC
Main speaker: Dalia Yablon, founder of SurfaceChar LLC, material characterization & nanotechnology expert


This webinar is now available on-demand and you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

Duration: 40 minutes approx.