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Webinar: Analyze particles in microscopy data using Mountains® software – Episode 1

November 24, 2023

Analyzing particles in microscopy & profilometry data plays a pivotal role in unraveling intricate biological and material structures in industries such as medicine, electronics and materials science.

In this webinar, Mathieu will delve into particle analysis of microscopy data and outline essential steps to ensure precise and insightful results. He will use Mountains® analysis software including recently released improvements during this demonstration.

The webinar is aimed at current users of Mountains® software, in particular (but not exclusively) the Particle Analysis module, anyone trying out the software and, more widely, at anyone analyzing data featuring particles, pores, grains and other image features (of any shape and size) that have boundaries. This data can be collected using profilometry or microscopy, in particular scanning probe microscopy (SPM) including atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), 3D profilometry, optical microscopy or spectroscopic techniques.

What you’ll see in this webinar:

  • Detecting particles in an SEM image using the Threshold method
    • Defining thresholds
    • Creating an overlay, monochrome or colored view
    • Managing particle contour
    • Labelling particles
    • Using interactive results tables
    • Exporting results
  • Detecting particles in AFM topography with the Watershed method
    • When and how to use the Watershed detection method
    • Selecting relevant parameters to calculate
    • Generating a dynamic image & combining it with topography to obtain stunning 3D views
  • Applying color segmentation on an optical microscopy image (wear applications)
    • Refining detected particles/filling in holes
    • Using the “Results by class” table
    • Analyzing results

The second episode of this webinar will be broadcast in January 2024 and will cover topics related to advanced particle analysis.

This webinar is now available on-demand and you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

Duration: 35 minutes approx.

Speaker: Mathieu Cognard, Product Manager for SPM & Light Microscopy Applications @ Digital Surf