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Press release: Digital Surf unveils Mountains® 10, the most comprehensive version to date

May 31, 2023

BESANCON, FRANCE —Digital Surf today announced the release of the tenth major version of the company’s renowned Mountains® software analysis platform for surface metrology & microscopy, trusted by 50+ leading instrument manufacturers and 22,000+ users.

Version 10 highlights include:

  • A new product family for users of light microscopes, MountainsImage®, providing a complete toolkit for pre-processing and analyzing image data. The new line includes tools for enhancement, measurement, luminance histograms, color inversion, conversion to monochrome, particle analysis including color segmentation, fiber analysis and image contour analysis.
  • A new job-specific Lens Analysis module for the study of aspheric optical surfaces and profiles in applications from many industries including imaging systems, sensors and lasers.
  • The improvement of features for Automation, key in today’s fast-paced industrial and research environments. In particular a new Automation tab now groups together Mountains® productivity functions such as document templates for processing of large batches of measured data, user-defined analysis recipes (known as Minidocs) and customization options allowing customers to work faster.
  • CAD compare on Shell data (freeform surfaces): users can now compare measured Shell data with CAD models and access full surface texture analysis on this kind of dataset.
  • New product for spectral analysis MountainsSpectral® Analyze for users working with spectra only, including automatic peak detection and fitting and parameter map generation.
  • The recently-released Fiber analysis tool has been extended to all product families including those designed for topography analysis.

“In the ever-evolving surface metrology & microscopy industries, Digital Surf remains dedicated to building the best and most up-to-date surface imaging and analysis software” said Christophe Mignot, Digital Surf CEO. “Version 10 is our most comprehensive product release yet, bridging all the remaining gaps between the various datatypes and instrument technologies we cater for: topography analysis, image analysis and spectroscopy analysis. We are very excited to deliver Mountains® 10 to our users and receive their feedback.”

Above. Analyze aspheric optics with the new Mountains® 10 release.



Digital Surf has been developing surface imaging & metrology software for profilers and microscopes since 1989. Mountains® software solutions are integrated by 50+ leading instrument manufacturers worldwide. Application areas include: automotive, materials science, semiconductors, medical, aerospace, MEMS, renewable energy etc. Visit us at or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

For further information and media enquiries, please contact:

Clare Jamet
Marketing director, Digital Surf