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One software program for all your measured data

Mountains® software helps the industrial and scientific community visualize, analyze and report on data obtained with a wide range of instruments, including Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), other Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM), spectroscopic techniques such as EDX/EDS, Raman, FT-IR etc., 2D and 3D profilers/microscopes.

Process data from any surface measuring instrument all in one place:

  • SEM images including EDX/EDS data
  • AFM & other SPM images
  • Spectral data from Raman, fluorescence, IR, XPS, cathodoluminescence etc.
  • 2D profiles or 3D surface heights
Integrated by leading instrument manufacturers worldwide, embedded in their equipment or available as an option, Mountains® software has become the industry standard for studying micro and nano surfaces.

Learn more about Mountains® software key features in our video presentation:


See example applications:

Correlating AFM, SEM & EDX data for nanoparticle analysis

Mountains® sofware used to combined measurements from several instrument techniques including AFM, SEM and EDX.
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Exploring hyperspectral maps of 2D materials

Hyperspectral maps and advanced principal component analysis (PCA) were performed with Mountains® software.
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Analyzing photoelectron spectroscopic measurements

Mountains® software combined with photoelectron spectroscopy to investigate a new method for growing PbS nanoplatelets on InP surfaces.
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Characterizing the silicon dangling bond

Research scientists used Mountains® software to understand the electronic properties of silicon dangling bonds.
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Failure analysis in optoelectronic devices

Quantitative CL technology coupled with Mountains® software makes it possible to identify degraded layers in green laser diodes.
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